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What fate has ordained, free will shapes to destiny.

In human affairs and many physical realities, we tend to attract what we project. General virtue attracts good will, ordinary offensiveness invites ill will, each governed by their various intensities.

In this way we co-create our own reality.

The realization of this dynamic grows personal power.

We tend to see our reality through the lens of personal history. To the extent that we have insight and understanding that inspires growth and adaptation, we progress; to the extent that we are stuck in disturbance, maladaptive patterns emerge. This would be regression.

This is not a mere abstraction or psychobabble. The practical application of this concept can enrich life experience; contrariwise, ignorance promotes poverty.

Rather than being the leaf caught in a whitewater creek, we become more like a skilled oarsman in a whitewater raft.

[Note: Personally, I do not believe we are responsible for great misfortune in the event of chance catastrophe (e.g. war, random crime, natural disaster, etc.) or major genetic defects (e.g. cerebral aneurysm, serious cardiac anomolies,many cancers, etc.)]

Take charge. Self knowledge is power. Live well.

copyright 3/07 Steve Bober, LCSW

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Copyright © 2007, Steve Bober