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The complexity, pervasiveness, and fast pace of change have severely taxed a human nervous system far better suited to a slower and simpler era. Major stress and distress to personal and family life have been the result. The task is before us: upgrade our coping skills or risk the consequences of adaptive fatigue.

I offer successful, whole-person solutions to strained relationships, anxiety and depression, tension states, life cycle changes, and other major encounters with a difficult world.


Stebe Bober, LCSW, BCD

Wilderness Wisdom, Colorado therapy



Wilderness wisdom and mountain metaphors complement my traditional and common sense therapies to create a sensible and strategic approach to coping with and rising above life's serious complications.


I work with individuals, couples, and families from 10 to 80 years old. My therapies are respectful, understandable, and effective. With special attention to the body and mind, the whole person can achieve good health.

Marriage and parent counseling


Wilderness Wisdom for teens

Confidentiality and privacy are guaranteed by the Colorado Revised Statute 12.43.214 (1) (d) .

No personal or sensitive information will be shared with anyone or any agency without written permission.
Private paying clients will enjoy additional privacy by avoiding insurance data bases.

I am a contracted participating provider with most Colorado and many out-of-state insurance plans. Please check with your benefits coordinator or insurance help line for accurate details.

I offer free telephone interviews to all new clients; I will provide one-half hour in-person consultation to private paying clients at no charge. Also, please feel free to send brief comments or questions via email.


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