About Me


At age 15, I realized my vocation would be found in the helping professions. It was a fascinating journey, to say the least. With equal emphases on psychology and art in college, I came to dedicate myself to my current career at age 22.



"I have learned finally, after all these hard years, that it takes about as much energy to climb from the base of a mountain to its summit as it does to escape a deep canyon after a careless fall from its rim. Therefore, to make the most of our lives, we all might more quickly learn to avoid the painful and unnecessary pitfalls and seek mainly the pleasure of useful summits."
Steve Bober, LCSW, BCD

My Credentials:

Bachelor of Psychology from State University of Iowa - 1964
MSW Clinical Social Work - University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) - 1968
Colorado Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) 1978
Board Certified Diplomate (BCD) 1988
Continuing Professional Education since 1964

My Professional Experience:

From 1964 to 1983, I worked in the public sector, i.e. hospitals, clinics, and residential treatment centers

From 1983 to the present I have engaged in the full time private practice of psychotherapy


My Real World Experience:

Married to the same wonderful woman since 1968
A parent since 1970
Weekly Wilderness Activity & Photography since 1970
I've practiced Taoist Tai Chi since 1995


Steve Bober, LCSW, BCD



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